Rheem Solar Hot Water Specialists Northern Beaches – $400 VISA Debit Card

This offer has expired, please call us to discuss any other sales initiatives that may be available.

rheem solar hot water specialists northern beaches

Switch to solar hot water or upgrade your existing solar hot water system and receive a $400 pre-paid VISA card just in time for Christmas.

Heat up your home’s water with a new 300L and above solar hot water system from the outstanding range of Rheem Hiline and Loline systems and receive a $400 pre-paid Visa card. The team at Cheapa Hot Water are authorised Rheem solar hot water service agents and installers servicing all Sydney suburbs.

Eligible Rheem solar products include

  • Rheem Loline Solar Models : 511325 / 2NPT, 511410 / 2NPT, 511325 / 2CS07, 511410 / 2CS07, 511325 / 3NPT, 511410 / 3NPT, 511410 / 3CS07.
  • Rheem Hiline Solar Models : 52L300 / 2NPT, 52L300 / 2L, 52L300 / 2CS07 .
  • Rheem Premier Hiline Solar Models : 52H300 / 2NPT, 52H300 / 2L,  52H300 / 2CS07,  52H300 / 3NPT, 52H300 / 3L.

Offer expires 30th November 2019. Terms and conditions may apply. Contact us for more information. 

rheem solar hot water agents northern beaches

The benefits of a Rheem solar hot water system

Energy efficiency : Rheem solar hot water can save up to 65% to 70% of water heating energy consumption.

Reduce your carbon emissions : A solar system can save up to 2.0 to 2.9 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. Minimise your reliance on fossil fuels and protect yourself against future energy cost increases It makes sense to take advantage of Australia’s abundant supply of sunlight, and reduce your reliance on expensive, non-renewable gas and electricity.

Complete range : Rheem offers a complete solar range including both split, ground mounted systems and complete roof mounted models in a variety of capacities from 160 – 410 litres.

All weather protection : Rheem Premier® Loline series feature unique, drain-back heat exchange technology, that prevents the solar system from freezing, or overheating during weather extremes.

Booster options : Rheem solar systems are available with electric or gas boosting, providing hot water during cloudy or rainy weather.

Take advantage of Government rebate incentives : You may be eligible for financial benefits such as Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) if installing solar water heating.

10 year warranty : Rheem’s range of 250 litre – 400 litre hot water heaters now come with a standard 10 year warranty. This is a 3 year increase on the previous 7 year standard warranty term.

Additional features include:

  • Dual handed fittings
  • Commercial grade enamel
  • Thicker sacrificial anodes
  • Twin element models available
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Great new look

We are Nortern Beaches Rheem solar hot water specialists

The team at Cheapa Hot Water Sydney are Rheem solar hot water installation experts.  Our experienced, licensed tradespeople can repair your existing solar hot water system. Thinking of switching to solar hot water? We can make the transition from your current gas or electric hot water system to a more energy-efficient Rheem solar system quick and painless. We offer a fast repair and replacement service to all Sydney suburbs. Call us today for a competitive quote.

NEED HELP? For Rheem solar hot water replacement and installation service call 0410 693 532 or text 0410 693 532.